Daraz Course

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to E-commerce:

– Understanding the basics of E-commerce and its significance in today’s business world.

2. Daraz: An Overview:

– Exploring what Daraz is and its position in the E-commerce industry.
– Understanding the benefits of selling on Daraz.

3. Daraz Seller Central:

– Navigating the Daraz Seller Central platform.
– Learning how to manage your online store effectively.

4. Daraz Hub and FBD (Fulfillment by Daraz) vs. FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant):

– Understanding the Daraz Hub and how it operates.
– Differentiating between FBD and FBM models and choosing the suitable approach.

5. Setting Up Your Daraz Store:

– Step-by-step guide on how to create your store on Daraz.
– Exploring various customization options to enhance your store’s appearance.

6. Free Shipping and Voucher Strategies:

– Implementing free shipping to attract customers and boost sales.
– Understanding voucher systems and how to leverage them effectively.

7. Campaigns and Bundles:

– Creating successful marketing campaigns on Daraz.
– Bundling products strategically to increase sales.

8. Seller Tools:

– Overview of essential seller tools provided by Daraz.
– Utilizing seller tools to streamline your business operations.

9. Seller Advisor and Product Advisor:

– Understanding the roles of Seller Advisor and Product Advisor.
– Leveraging their insights to improve your store’s performance.

10. User Management on Daraz:

– Managing user interactions, reviews, and customer service on Daraz.
– Enhancing customer satisfaction and building a loyal customer base.

11. Essential Product Listing Details:

– Identifying key elements required for effective product listings.
– Optimizing product titles and descriptions using AI-driven techniques.

12. Product Ranking and Product Hunting:

– Strategies to improve product rankings on Daraz.
– Tools and techniques for successful product hunting.

13. Wholesale Product Sourcing:

– Exploring wholesale product sourcing through WhatsApp groups and physical market visits.
– Collaborating with wholesalers and negotiating deals.

14. Logistics and COD (Cash on Delivery) Accounts:

– Setting up COD accounts with logistics companies for smooth order fulfillment.
– Ensuring efficient delivery and customer satisfaction.

15. Facebook and Instagram Advertising:

– Learning how to run effective Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to your Daraz store.

16. Creating a Free Website:

– Step-by-step guide on creating a website without domain and hosting expenses.
– Uploading 50 products for free and making the website live within 10 minutes without coding.

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Course Description:

This course is designed to provide a complete understanding of the E-commerce business, with a particular focus on the popular platform, Daraz. Through this course, you will learn about E-commerce, C-commerce, Daraz, Daraz Seller Central, Daraz Hub, Daraz FBD, Daraz FBM, and how to set up a Daraz store. Additionally, you’ll explore concepts like free shipping, vouchers, campaigns, bundles, seller tools, seller advisor, and product advisor.

Class Format: All classes will be conducted live on Zoom for the convenience of participants. For those interested in physical classes, please contact our manager to arrange the option.

Course Benefits:

– Gain a thorough understanding of the E-commerce business landscape.
– Master the art of selling on the popular E-commerce platform, Daraz.
– Learn essential strategies for successful online store setup and management.
– Discover effective marketing techniques, including campaigns, vouchers, and bundles.
– Understand how to optimize product listings using AI-driven title and description techniques.
– Learn product ranking methods to boost visibility on Daraz.
– Explore wholesale product sourcing and logistics for efficient order fulfillment.
– Acquire skills in running Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to your store.
– Create a free website without incurring domain and hosting expenses.

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Written By

Ali Ahmed

Course Fee:

Rs 10,000


4 weeks






Karachi, Pakistan